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Sep 2 Downtime over past 90 days Today

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15 mins on Oct 6
2 mins on Oct 3

Our JavaScript library

2 mins on Oct 12
1 min on Oct 5
1 min on Sep 28
2 mins on Sep 11
1 min on Sep 3
Our web reporting interface

4 mins on Nov 7
4 mins on Oct 3
1 min on Sep 3
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Nov 3 2:53AM PST
Resolved: 34 minutes after the incident began, web app service is now restored.
Nov 3 2:21AM PST
We are currently encountering web application downtime. Our systems team is investigating. Updates to follow.
Nov 1 12:51PM PST
All issues accessing reports within Mixpanel have been resolved — thanks for your patience! Please email for more
Oct 28 10:04AM PDT
Read API issues have been resolved and service has stabilized. Thanks again for your patience! Please email for more
Oct 27 4:44PM PDT
We are still investigating ongoing issues with our read APIs. Will update here as soon as we have more information.