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The main website

3 mins on Feb 11
36 mins on Feb 6
13 mins on Feb 5

Read-only API
Powers Mixpanel's reporting interface and the export API

1 min on Apr 11
39 mins on Apr 10
3 mins on Apr 6
1 min on Mar 31
5 mins on Mar 25
2 mins on Mar 13
2 mins on Mar 9
38 mins on Feb 6
13 mins on Feb 5
API for sending events and people data

2 mins on Feb 6

Mixpanel Javascript library

4 mins on Apr 15
1 min on Apr 2
1 min on Mar 25
1 min on Mar 6
1 min on Feb 26
4 mins on Feb 12
1 min on Feb 6
2 mins on Jan 31
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Mar 16 3:02PM PDT
@tommoor @PounceApp @mixpanel You're right! There is a queue for Live View now, but data in other reports is in realtime. Will be fixed soon
Feb 6 8:25PM PST
@jfriedlaender Yes, we're processing a queue right now so your events will show up in a bit. Sorry!
Feb 6 7:44PM PST
Our website is back online as of 10 minutes ago. We're available at for any questions.
Feb 6 7:20PM PST
We're working with our upstream providers to resolve networking issues on
Feb 4 9:39AM PST
Not to worry though! Data sent to Mixpanel will continue to be collected during this time, and scheduled notifications will also be sent.