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1 min on Jul 28
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5 mins on Jul 21
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Jul 9 2:09AM PDT
From 5pm PST on 7/8 to ~1:30am PST on 7/9, geolocation data for Events and People Analytics was not being collected. Post-mortem to follow.
Jun 15 1:34PM PDT
Resolved: 11 minutes after the incident began, web app service is now restored.
Jun 15 1:29PM PDT
We are currently encountering web application downtime. Our systems team is investigating. Updates to follow.
May 4 10:11PM PDT
Completed: web app service is now restored following planned data maintenance.
May 4 9:54PM PDT
@ObiNoApp we're performing planned application database maintenance – we'll bring the web app back up ASAP. Still accepting incoming data.