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Oct 7 1:53PM PDT
For 60 minutes, from ~12am-1am PT on 10/3/2014, reports were inaccessible for some customers. Full report here:
Sep 22 6:08PM PDT
A network outage at an upstream provider caused some write request timeouts in parts of Asia from 00:11 to 01:02 UTC (9/23/14).
Sep 16 4:36PM PDT
Resolved: 100% of traffic to degraded IP was rerouted as of 23:22 UTC (~90 minutes). No other IPs or nodes were effected during this time.
Sep 16 3:05PM PDT
1 of 5 IPs at a European node have degraded network since 21:42 UTC. Issue is highly localized, but some track timeouts may have occurred.
Jun 25 10:17AM PDT
A partial network outage at an upstream provider caused a small portion of data to be queued. Data will be again live in ~20 minutes.